Centerless Grinding
(Infeed/Plunge Grinding)

Midway Grinding Inc. offers centerless infeed grinding services with precision and accuracy that are second to none. We have the capability of grinding multiple diameters of different sizes in one plunge as well as grinding complex angles and radii. We specialize in holding the closest of tolerances and we can, in some instances provide lead times of less than 24 hours.

Multiple Diameters in One Plunge.

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Centerless Grinding
(Thru-Feed Grinding)

Midway Grinding Inc. offers thru-feed centerless grinding for applications where only the largest outside diameter is to be ground. Thru-feed grinding is best suited to grind straight, cylindrical parts with minimal slots and no interfering projections. We can handle dimensions ranging from .050 to 5 inches in diameter and lengths up to 12 ft.

Tolerances to .00080

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(OD Grinding)

Midway Grinding Inc. has the expertise to provide Cylindrical OD Grinding services of the highest quality. Our decades of experience in cylindrical grinding combined with CNC technology offers accurate and precise grinding for applications from single piece prototypes or reworks to large scale production applications with quantities in the millions per year.

Concentricity to .0001" max

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Midway Grinding Inc. provides its customers with supreme quality I.D. honing services. We hone quantities from single pieces to yearly volumes in the hundreds of thousands. I.D. honing is a specialty internal bore finishing process that provides exceptional roundness, surface finish, as well as bore sizing accuracy and precision.

High Precision bore sizing

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Midway Grinding Inc. offers internal bore grinding services for a very wide variety of applications. Our ID grinding department is probably our largest in terms of quantity and variety of CNC machinery. Midway has several machines with multi-spindle capability, which allow us to grind multiple bores and faces in a single operation.

Multiple Spindle, Complex radius angle and seat grinding

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