Midway Grinding lnc. Quality Assurance

Midway Grinding is serious about Quality. Our quality system surpasses the ISO 9001 certification we carry. Through our years of experience, we are continually fine tuning our quality system to better serve our customer. We track and set goals for reducing our returned orders, rework and scrap each year.

Midway Grinding documents all first pc inspection and can provide that documentation upon request. First pc inspection, for every operation, is imperative in preventing errors from occurring in the process, since so many of these errors occur during the setup phase. During our production process, Midway uses standardized inspection frequencies that we have developed over our many decades of experience. We measure diameters 100% on all jobs where the production rate will allow.

In addition, Midway will adhere to control plans on production jobs where PPAP is required. After production is completed, a secondary final inspection is completed before shipping. Midway Grinding's quality goals are always to eliminate defective product to the customer. We continually invest in the most effective gaging available for measuring diameters, forms, lengths, depths and radii in order to help work toward zero defect production.

Our Form testing equipment is capable of measuring roundness and concentricity down to .00001″. Midway uses diameter gaging accurate to .00001". Documentation of measurement is always available to customer specifications by request.

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